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I am the author of Dementia Caregiving from a Biblical Perspective and Engaging Christian Fiction.

Dorothy Gable

Down a Crooked Path, book 1 of the Down a Crooked Path series, was a finalist in the Southern Christian Writers Conference 2022 Notable Book Awards.

Dementia Caregiving from a Biblical Perspective is the Grand Prize Winner of 2022 Christian Writers for Life Book Award.

The Sound, book one of the Where the Wind Blows series and The Burier both won Fiction Finalist in the Christian Writers for Life 2022 Book Awards .



Airdle's Realm

Book One - Lamorian Chronicles

Christian Fantasy 

The Power of Story Brings Life in Christ Alive

I’ve always loved a good read. Now that I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior from sin, I love to read well-written fiction that highlights and brings to life the walk of faith in Christ. 
Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with the living God. As the Lord had drawn me to Him, as He walked alongside, as the Holy Spirit patiently helped me navigate the twists and turns of life, as He opened my eyes to the truth of God, His love and His Word - this is what I weave into my fiction.  Once new in Christ, we grow and learn to serve the living God. He gives us purpose and a destiny.
My engaging, action-adventure Christian fiction examines the Christian life in all its parts - from beginning to end - those with newfound faith and those whose faith is tried in the crucible of life. And as in The Burier, to end of the ages, our eternal home.
In the Down a Crooked Path series, when James Canter is abducted along with a committed Christian, he comes to realize that faith provides strength to endure. God makes escape possible, and James must on Him to rescue the other captives. The trilogy examines the journeys of James and Jacques.
In the Where the Wind Blows series believers and churches must find a way to navigate when parts of their faith are outlawed. Some will capitulate, some will cooperate, and others will stand for Christ. After the laws are rescinded, they have to find a way to reconcile and heal.
In The Burier, a survivor of the Tribulation struggles to adjust to life in the Lord’s Millennial kingdom. Asher Wilson, suffering from post-traumatic stress, finds his way in the Millennium as the Lord patiently calls to him for healing. 
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