Where the Wind Blows Series

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from and where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit. John 3:8 ESV

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Where the Wind Blows: The Sound


When Congress passes legislation outlawing hate crime literature, a task force is created to edit verses from the Bible. Government-approved editions are then issued to the populace. Third-year Bible college student, Ton Hutton, goes home when his school closes its doors.

Task Force agents arrest him, seeking information on Hutton Bibles and the growing underground church. Tom has no idea his Uncle Alex had seeded the country with preserved Bibles. Tom is convicted of the crime of owning illegal Bibles. Can he live his faith in USP Hannibal, a maximum-security federal prison? Can he accept being behind prison walls is God’s will for his life? Can he see God work through him no matter where he is with joy and thanksgiving?

Fiction Finalist for the Christian Writers for Life 2022 Book Awards. Thank you CWFL!

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Where the Wind Blows: The Call


Tom Hutton survived five years in federal prisons. Settling in Wichita, Kansas he had a job, believers to fellowship with, a teen group to lead and a special family in the city. He knew he could keep the law of man and God—avoiding arrest, but was he fulfilling God’s call for him?

Inner warnings from the Spirit whisper of hard days ahead—changes were coming. Rumors that the laws had been expanded prove true when the Task Force took down his church and arrest three of his teens. Can Tom keep the higher law of God and avoid arrest, or will he be willing to become a criminal for Christ?

The powerful Christian witness forces Task Force agents to consider the reality of God and the power of His Word. As the Task Force begins to destroy the church of Christ in America, the agents must choose between the Task Force or God. Agent Christine Worden chose Christ and left the Task Force. Can she rescue her friend Will Masters before it’s too late?

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Where the Wind Blows: The Halls of Faith


After former Task Force agent Joe Lyle brings evidence of Christian persecution to Tom Hutton’s solicitors, he is found murdered in Dublin. Joe’s testimony and assassination convinces Ireland to grant Tom’s asylum request. But this decision cannot stand, and a sniper waits for the time to take action against Tom and any who would defy them.

Swift international condemnation breaks through, and with the discovery of mass graves, Task Force prisons are closed. Everyone is transferred to federal prison camps, however, the laws still stand.

FBI Agent William Masters, stationed in Gillette, Wyoming, is ensnared in the conflict. When he disappears, his friends search for him. Will they find him in time?

In the pages of the Book, God speaks that He will build His church and evil shall not win. From the depths of his soul, Will Masters waits to see his future. Can he overcome the regrets of Rosemont? Can the faithful find healing and extend forgiveness? Can the church move forward?

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses…” Hebrews 12:1, ESV

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Where the Wind Blows: The Underground Edition


Are we ready to live for Christ in a hostile world? How can we become ambassadors for Christ? What are we willing to give up for Him? What is God’s plan?

This short companion to the Where the Wind Blows series examines standing for Christ in a hostile world through the lens of Scripture. How beautiful are the feel of those who preach the good news! Romans 10:18, ESV.

We need not fear for God is far greater than the forces of this world.

Foreword by Paul D. Bramsen, President of ROCK International. “Whatever lies ahead, I pray the Lord to use this little book to strengthen you to stand with His truth, walk in His love, radiate His joy, and share His gospel of peace—as you pray for the very ones who oppose both you and His Word.”

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