Down a Crooked Path Trilogy

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Down a Crooked Path

Book One of the Down a Crooked Path Trilogy

Could faith save him?

When Bixler told his friend Terrence that he needed help with a sting, he promised that the operation could protect his twin sons, James and Quinn. They would go down to Acapulco, help expose the bad guy and be home before the end of spring break, but something went wrong. Quinn made it back home. James found himself imprisoned in a Central American cartel drug processing camp and he wasn’t alone.

Locked in a cage with Larry Eisen, an ardent Christian, and several other teens. James knew they had to plan their own escape, but Larry had evangelized the other captives. While Larry told stories about Joseph, led singing, and prayers for God’s deliverance, James fumed with the wasted days as they waited for God to show up.

Convinced God didn’t exist, certain Larry’s stories were mere fables, the day disaster struck James realized God was real and that he wouldn’t survive the journey without His help. Could he set the captives free? Could he make it home? Could he fulfill the promise he had made to Larry?

Down a Crooked Path is book one of the series of James’ adventure with God.

Only God could set James free.

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Two Paths Made Straight

Book Two of the Down a Crooked Path Trilogy

Thrown together as enemies…

Each seeking to destroy the other…

Then faith enters, and they find life in Christ…

 Searching how to live this new life, God reunites them…

Can they walk the paths before them as friends standing against new threats?

Jacques surrenders and agrees to witness against former partners in crime.

James works to regain what he had lost, yet God’s providence unites the former adversaries as they face new challenges and Jacques’ secrets dog his steps.


Continue the adventure as James and Jacques step through the open door of faith, learning to live in this world in God’s light and love.

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All Paths Lead Home

Book Three and Conclusion to the Down a Crooked Path Trilogy

...Eighteen years later Prince Joseph and Princess Hannah's sons, Prince Carl and Prince Rolf, are like cousins to James and Mary Müller's teenagers, Noah and Rachel. Life in the tiny principality of Waldenstein seems perfect, but cracks are beginning to show.


King Walther reverses many of the improvements implemented by Prince Joseph and James.


James soon learns forces are conspiring to overthrow the kingdom…


But most disturbing, Prince Joseph is disengaging from his family and friends. James loses his position in the castle and instead is assigned to assist Archduke Alfred at the National Force Intelligence Directorate…


Can James discover the identity of the conspirators and save the kingdom? Can he help Prince Joseph navigate the coming storm? Can he and his family survive the onslaught of uncertainty and distrust? Can he accept the Lord's path?


Don’t miss the page-turning conclusion to the Down a Crooked Path trilogy 

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