What would we do if parts of the Bible were declared illegal and the government issued approved editions? What if telling someone that Jesus is the only way to heaven considered hate crime terrorism? Would we stand for Christ and His Word? Would we be willing to become criminals for Christ? Would we be willing to pay the ultimate price?

The Sound, book one follows Tom Hutton, a Bible college student, through federal prisons, and the federal agents tasked with enforcing the new laws. The Call continues the stories of Tom, his friends and the agents.

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James Canter thought he had it all - a great family, a full football scholarship, multi-lingual and experienced international traveler, but when abducted during spring break, he found it wasn't enough. A committed Christian also held by the same cartel stood firm and led the other captives to wait on God. They were running out of time. Could he find a way to rescue the captives without God? Book one of an upcoming series will be released soon.


Lamorian Chronicles - A Christian Fantasy Series