A Novella: An introductory short novel of an upcoming Christian fantasy series.

Lisze Sandorval, keeper of the king’s way station at Clefisch Pass, is rearing her son, Wilm, with the help of family friends. Few knew her secret—not even her son. When the king decrees a search for the unknown son of his youngest, Prince Trillion, Lisze flees—her plan of escape already laid out.

But did God have a better plan? Forced to share the secret of the identity of his father to Wilm, she must make a choice—to face the past or continue to run. Can she forgive? Would she find the king merciful?

Lisze & Wilm begins The Lamorian Chronicles—Biblical fantasy fiction resting on the power and wonder of the Word of God.

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A Short Story

A committed Christian, Dr. Jason Barnes worked hard to complete a demanding neuroradiology fellowship with Dr. Mitchell, the leading expert in his field. Taking a chance, Jason inserted a question in a routine test survey for follow-up scans.

With state-of-the-art imaging blending an MRI with an ultrasound, it seemed as if they could see thought real-time. Was it possible to capture the changes of new life in Christ? What would Dr. Mitchell do if he discovered Jason’s agenda? Would seeking to see faith be worth the price?

The God Circuit, a near-future science fiction short story, examines ways we see faith—it’s not always what we expect.

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